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DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Johnsonia elegans, wing

"Wing of Johnsonia elegans from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 1 )."

Pogonota sahlbergi, wing

Wing of Pogonota sahlbergi from Papp and Darvas (1981, fig. 29)."

Cordilura ustulata,wing

Wing of Cordilura ustulata from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 26)

Pseudatrichia howdeni, wing

Wing of Pseudatrichia howdeni.

Platypeza consobrina, wing

"Wing of Platypeza consobrina from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 18)."

Metaclythia currani,wing

Wing of male of Metaclythia currani from Kessel (1981, fig. 7)

"Calotarsa insignis, wing"

Wing of male of Calotarsa insignis from Kessel (1981, fig. 15) [1] . References Kessel ...

Plesioclythia agarici, wing

Wing of Plesioclythia agarici from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 12).

Sphecomyiella valida Wing

Wing of Sphecomyiella valida

Polyporivora polypori, wing

Wing of female of Polyporivora polypori from Kessel (1981, fig. 10)

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